Prairie Flying Service is your Canadian source for AeroLEDs Aviation Lights

AeroLEDs™ have been established as an industry pioneer and leader in aviation LED lighting. Their state-of-the-art LED lights are designed with a focus on performance, efficiency, and reliability and outperform legacy lighting systems and other LED lights on the market. 

Why Choose AeroLEDs?

Less Power Consumption

AeroLEDs consume significantly less power than conventional aircraft lighting systems

Brighter Light Outputs

AeroLEDs produce significantly higher light output and are brighter than conventional lights

Longer Lasting Lights

AeroLEDs are rated for 30,000 hours and are significantly longer lasting than incandescents

Reliability & Performance

AeroLEDs are an investment in your aircraft and offer unparalleled performance and reliability 

Make the switch to AeroLEDs 

Let us help you find the right AeroLED lights for your aircraft and application. As your trusted Canadian source for AeroLEDs, Prairie Flying Service has a large inventory on hand, offers exceptional customer service, and ships across the country. 

AeroLEDs offer a Complete LED Lighting System for your General Aviation Aircraft 

Let the team at Prairie equip your aircraft with state-of-the-art LED aviation lighting from AeroLEDs

SunBeacon II™ Beacon Lights

The SunBeacon II™ is a high performance aircraft beacon light that provides a 360-degree flash pattern around its vertical axis, offering superior anti-collision benefits as a direct replacement to standard rotating or flashing beacons

Pulsar Navigation, Strobe and Position Lights

Pulsar N navigation lights and Pulsar NS integrated navigation and strobe lights are designed with an aerodynamically low drag profile and industry-standard mounting footprint for easy replacement of legacy light installations

SunTail Strobe and Position Lights

The SunTail serves as an anti-collision strobe and position light that does not require an external power supply and can be synchronized with other AeroLEDs lighting products and will retrofit the mounting footprint of legacy tail lights

Polaris™ Position Light Bulbs

The Polaris™ position light bulb offers a simple, drop-in LED replacement for traditional incandescent position lighting installed behind a green or red forward-facing navigation lens

Check out the AeroLEDs Webpage

Learn more about AeroLEDs directly from the source. Visit the AeroLEDs webpage to view the full product catalogue, manuals and diagrams, and a bulb cross reference.